Your Advantages


  • You will produce laminates with fused SGP easily in any width.

  • By combining the film widths the blend can be minimized.

  • The rolls can be tailored by us in width, with a measurement accuracy of about ± 3 mm over the entire length of roll or only partially into strips. This will reduce the human effort in processing significantly.

  • If you are using SG- fused to produce larger formats:

  • no errors that may occur during lamination of sheet goods at the joints will appear.

  • the speed of production will be multiplied, because you can laminate in pre roll compound!

  • the storage space will be decreased by a multiple.

  • the manual effort throughout the handling will be reduced.

  • process safety and productivity will raise dramatically.


The weld produced represents a firm, elastic and resilient connection between the two films.

The weld seam has a comparable strength as the SentryGlas film itself and is usually machinable. The welding technology has been extensively tested with the common lamination methods.


The sheet is fixed with an adhesive tape to the winding core, so that this contact surface will be approximately 50 mm over the entire width. Don not used this contaminated Foil in any case. When welding is produced in the width of the rolls, over the entire length of roll a blend of about 80mm must be accepted. At the beginning and the end of the roll it is not welded. 


Quality Assurance, Quality Control and Warranty


We treat the rolls with the utmost care, it is simply „wrapped " and cannot be damaged or soiled.


  • When welding is carried out for a continuous control of the weld.

  • The welding is carried out under controlled climatic conditions.

  • The films are wound on a PVC pipe and packed.


We offer our customers the opportunity their rolls to be tested for its moisture content, Carl-Fischer titration. The rolls are not assessed by us for their laminatability, dirt or damage through. Abnormalities of the film or the packaging we share with our customers, of course, immediately.

SG- jumbo and only cut sheets are to be processed by the processor for SentryGlas according to the recommendations of Dupont. We disclaim any liability for the information necessary for lamination film properties themselves, a contamination of the film with particles that damage the film or for products especially laminates of films or from fused  SGP.

We guarantee the properties of the weld, but not to the laminated weld. The laminatability of the weld has to be ensure by the customer by laminates. They should be checked by the customer for new or changed lamination processes or modified laminate structures by test laminates. Please take note of our general terms of Conditions on our web side.


fused SentryGlas Role Ware -

more than 3,21m width


SentryGlas film from DuPont; now from Kuraray is produced in rolls with a maximum of 2.70 m width by 0.89 and 0,76mm mm thick. We offer with our technology welding/fusing and cutting of SG- rolls to any width. The fused film can be processed in conventional lamination equipment. A limitation of your laminates in the width or the length is history. In addition, we offer to cut the foil to the correct width. According to customer requirements to the total film length.